Donation Guidelines

Guidelines for Giving

Our community non-profit organization will serve as a vehicle to provide resources, technical assistance and foster greater giving to support the nonprofit community and the residents of the City of Newark.

BINF Charitable Giving Policy is designed as a guide for the selection of recipients, and to establish the breadth and scope of contributions. It also provides a framework assuring the fair and objective evaluation of funding candidates.

Believe In Newark Foundation will:

  1. Contribute to charitable or non-profit organizations with a 501(c) 3 designation, not to individuals.
  2. Contribute to Newark-based non-profit organizations serving the needs of and benefiting people living within its service area.
  3. Give priority to programs focusing on youth development, recreational services, senior-human services and job development/career readiness.
  4. Consider the severity of need, the level of funding available from other sources and the likelihood the requested donation will help accomplish desired outcomes.


Generally, organizations and activities meeting the established criteria will fall into the following categories:

  • Health and human services
  • Education
  • Job development
  • Programs for at-risk youth or low to moderate income individuals and families
  • Performing arts and cultural activities

Other Donations- BINF also supports some specific educational, cultural, community events and special projects:

  • Senior Citizen Activities;
  • Recreational/Sports;
  • Cultural Initiatives;
  • Other

BINF does not contribute to:

  • Multiyear capital facility or endowment campaigns;
  • National charities
  • Municipalities or subdivisions thereof, such as school districts and recreation departments
  • Private schools(pre-school, primary and secondary)
  • Special interest groups such as political, labor, religious, fraternal or veterans lobbying organizations
  • Multiple requests within the same calendar year

Application Form

If you are a non-profit and would like to apply for a donation Believe In Newark Foundation, Inc., please take a moment to review our guidelines and complete online application.

Please be aware that due to the extremely high volume, we can only accept online applications  – Written requests will not be considered.

Review of awards may take 4-6 weeks. Please consider this in your application request.

Believe In Newark Foundation, Inc. is firmly committed to supporting Newark’s non-profits to the best of our ability.