Increase Youth & Literacy Initiatives:

Young people need safe, structured places to learn and links to basic services within our community.

✓ The City of Newark faces an enormous literacy challenge with school-age populations as well as within the adult community;

✓ Over half of all students (56%) score partially proficient on NJ ASK & HSPA standardized literacy tests;

✓ BINF will support Newark programs that focus on the evolving needs and tasks of adolescents, and involve youth as partners rather than clients;

✓ BINF will support Newark families, schools and communities that are in need of re-engaging & developing our city that support youth;

✓ BINF will support organizations that will provide programs, services and tools that are related to closing the literacy gap for our Newark youth.

Book Scholarships

Why Get Involved?

Here are The Facts!

✓ According to U.S. News & World Report the price of textbooks has increased 82 % during the last decade;

✓ The U.S. Public Interest Group found the average student spends as much as $1, 200 each year on textbooks alone;

✓ Due to the high cost of textbooks 65 % of surveyed students shared that they've decided against buying a book required for class. Of those students, nearly all (94 percent) said they were concerned that doing so would hurt their class grade;

✓ BINF will raise funding to provide book scholarships to our Newark college students

Student Essay Contest

Embracing Writing & Creativity Skills

✓ Writing is one of the most important skills to master;

✓ Writing is not only essential for college and career, but learning to write clearly also helps students develop their thinking skills;

✓ BINF will annually provide writing contest for minority students in the City of Newark; therefore they will have the ability to express their ideas and creativity through writing.



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