The Believe in Newark Foundation, Inc. will serve as a vehicle to provide resources, technical assistance and foster greater giving to support the nonprofit community and the residents of the City of Newark. Through effective partnerships, our outcome will promote a healthy and high quality of life in the City of Newark, New Jersey.


The Believe in Newark Foundation, Inc. is the agent for the social, recreational, cultural, economic, and educational advancement of Newark, New Jersey that will:

  • Employ a holistic approach in improving entrepreneurial development as well as job/career readiness of our residents in teaching self-sufficiency and improving marketability skills.
  • Provide youth with a safe enriching recreational environment that teaches life skills, cultural enrichment, self-esteem and build strong family & community ties.
  • Foster and open a collaborative environment to improve the organizational capacity for our nonprofit entities.
  • Serve as a catalyst to strengthen the relationships within the philanthropic community by capacity building to achieve positive outcomes for our city.

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