Founded in 2014 by community leaders, the Believe in Newark Foundation, Inc. serves as a vehicle to provide resources, technical assistance and foster greater giving to support the community and the residents of the City of Newark.

We are Newark

Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends

It is a very exciting time for the City of Newark and the Believe in Newark Foundation. Our city is on the rise!

Congratulations to our recent Newark Excellence honorees. This year we had the privilege of recognizing individuals who have dared, defied and definitely disrupted the traditional way of thinking and doing business in the City of Newark, and creating a new kind of infusion.

Today it is important to entertain a new way of thinking and approaching the needs at hand. Across the country people are struggling daily for the things some take for granted—safe streets, good jobs, access to health care, affordable housing, and a quality education for our families. This is why the Believe in Newark Foundation is making a full commitment to equity—a long-term commitment to base all of our policy and program decisions on achieving the goal to advance fairness, inclusion, and opportunity for all Newarkers.

This is a complex work and we must commit to challenging ourselves to work with a sense of urgency for the people of our great city. The Believe in Newark Foundation have a commitment to excellence, in visionary leadership and in building partnerships to promote the continued growth of our city.

While the challenges are great, we also think there is reason to be optimistic and we are excited about our future. New fundraising programs will be introduced in 2020 and our focus for long-term success will continue with our strategic planning.

There is truth in the adage that a community grows when we plant trees whose shade we know we will never sit in. Because the Believe in Newark Foundation will be here in perpetuity, we are uniquely positioned to take on challenges and opportunities that require commitment over the long haul. We remain grateful to our sponsors and look forward to influencing others to join our mission.

In the Spirit of Service,

Andre Hollis,
Executive Director